Pane Italiano

AcornWorkflow-2010.05.05 09.47.12.png

I am on a bread roll (wink wink…nudge nudge…ok I’ve fulfilled my bad pun quota for today) What I mean is, as soon as I wake up, I start thinking about what loaf I want to make, what recipe challenge I will conquer today…but then I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that there are still 2 huge loaves of bread from yesterday, that we still have to eat, before I can make more. ITS TORTURE! It’s not even that I don’t want to eat the bread, because I do, and I am, but I am only one woman and there is, unfortunately, a limit to the amount of bread I can stuff in my face on a daily basis. That physiological limit is truly limiting my hopes, my dreams, my aspirations, of baking bread everyday!

Or maybe I’m being dramatic, that happens every once and a while.

I shall persevere, but for now here are some photos from my Italian bread experience. It turned out well, and I have been enjoying some delicious lunches of pesto, provolone, and goat cheese toast w/ a side of olive topped cucumbers. Mmmmm.

AcornWorkflow-2010.05.05 09.58.57.png

This was a relatively straight forward bread recipe. It calls for a biga which is a preferment. For the biga, you basically use the same recipe for the bread but you mix it up a day before and then add it to the main recipe the next day. It adds a more developed flavor, which is always a plus. I kind of want to see what happens if I let the biga sit for two days prior, but I’m a little concerned it will end up tasting too yeasty.

AcornWorkflow-2010.05.05 10.02.23.png

I wanted to include this image for you because I thought it looked like intestines (teehee) and I’m kinda immature like that. You take the biga and cut it up into ten or so pieces and mix it into the main dough. Mine just happened to look like entrails.

Happy last day of classes all you U of A students! I know I’m excited…OH OH and it’s Cinco de Mayo, happy that too!


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