Sometimes it’s the best pizza you’ve ever tasted for no reason at all

Its the same pizza you always make and of course its always good. That’s just the nature of pizza. But sometimes you take that first bite and it punches you in the face with such outstanding flavor that you’d swear chuck norris just reincarnated in your slice. That was the case tonight. With every bite I took it just seemed to get better and better. The cheese (provolone), the dough (sunflower whole wheat pizza dough), the sauce (sunflower generic tomato sauce)…all marginal. But for some reason its like i’ve never tasted better pizza in my whole life and all i can think about is this bite and how its perfect and nothing at that moment could be anymore awesome.

I had a great night all around actually. Prior to eating that wonderful pizza I had just had a wonderful yoga session with my bestest friend in the whole wide world Alex.  (who so nicely pointed out that after completing a search for her name on the blog, she got no results, so there you go 😉 ) But seriously, she’s great and I’m excited we get to do yoga together because our schedules conflict so often. And for the first time since starting yoga, I felt strong and in control. It didn’t feel like every body part was going to explode. Yay.

I started doing yoga because I am grounded from rock climbing for another three weeks. I need to be active or I am not very fun to be around. I have tendonitis in the left wrist and its surprisingly hard to find an activity I can do without compromising my recovery. Yoga seems to be alright and keeps me feeling strong and will hopefully prevent too much muscle atrophy. Oh, and just in case you were wondering I didn’t get tendonitis from too much hard core rock climbing, no, I just happened to sleep on it wrong and there you go. I should be back to climbing soon though. Actually just in time to take a trip to Joe’s Valley, Utah for spring break. I’m super duper excited!

No recipe today, just thought I’d share those thoughts on pizza and yoga. If anyone is reading, feel free to share a great pizza or yoga experience in the comments section. I’ll have another post with a recipe either tonight or tomorrow documenting our dinner tonight. It should be a good one!


here’s some food porn…..fried chicken, freshly made waffles, butter grits, maple syrup, and cheese & onion eggs. I took a nap after this one.

One response to “Sometimes it’s the best pizza you’ve ever tasted for no reason at all

  1. I think we need to do Yoga again together, esp with finals rolling around

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